About Us

Our Mission

Established in idyllic San Diego, Bark 101 sets out to create high quality, sustainable, and affordable pup products while simultaneously giving back to the community we love so much.

Our Story

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we found ourselves seeking out local businesses to support in order to combat the rise of giant online retailers (you know the ones). While patronizing local pet shops, it quickly became apparent that most products carried were from larger corporations that had no roots in our community.

Wanting to fill that void, we started crunching the numbers to see if we could create and supply similar products for other SoCal pet parents. A few days later, Bark 101 was born!

"Susan's Promise"

With our initiative, Susan's Promise, we pledge to donate 20% of our profits to local animal shelters and rescues. When you choose Bark 101, you're not only selecting reliable products, you're also contributing to a cause that helps animals find loving homes and receive the care they deserve.