Bark 101 Dog Waste Bag 8 Rolls 120 Count Front Angle
Bark 101 Dog Waste Bag 8 Rolls 120 Count Front
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Bark 101 Scented Dog Waste Bags - 8 Rolls (120 Bag Count)

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Introducing the Bark 101 Scented Dog Waste Bags - your reliable solution for convenient pet waste disposal! With 8 rolls containing a total of 120 bags, you'll have everything you need to keep your neighborhood clean while walking your furry friend.

Key Features:

  1. Durable Construction: Bark 101 Dog Waste Bags are made from high-quality plastic, ensuring they are strong and reliable for containing pet waste.

  2. Leak-Proof Design: Say goodbye to messy accidents. Our bags are designed to be leak-proof, giving you confidence during clean-up.

  3. Easy to Use: Each roll contains 15 bags that tear off effortlessly, making handling your dog's waste a quick and hassle-free task. The compact design of the rolls ensures they fit comfortably in your dispenser, bag, or pocket.

  4. Odor Control: Nobody wants unpleasant odors lingering around. Our bags feature an odor-locking design & lavender scent that keeps unwanted smells at bay, allowing you to enjoy your walks worry-free.

  5. Versatile: Bark 101 Dog Waste Bags are ideal for dog owners and anyone in need of a reliable waste disposal solution. Whether you're at the park, on a hike, or in your backyard, these bags have you covered.

  6. Neutral Design: Our bags come in an attractive, neutral color that complements any style. You can confidently use them without drawing unnecessary attention.

Why Choose Bark 101?

At Bark 101, we are not just about convenience; we're about making a positive impact on the lives of pets in need. With our initiative, Susan's Promise, we pledge to donate 20% of our profits to support local animal shelters and rescues here in Southern California. When you choose Bark 101 Dog Waste Bags, you're not only selecting a reliable solution for waste disposal, but you're also contributing to a cause that helps animals find loving homes and receive the care they deserve.

Make every walk with your dog a meaningful one. Order your 8-roll pack of Bark 101 Dog Waste Bags today, and become a part of Susan's Promise, where your purchase directly supports the welfare of animals in your community.

Join the Bark 101 community of responsible pet owners and make a difference, one roll at a time!